Hair Tips

My top 7 ways to help get your hair to grow fast.

1. Brushing your hair.
Brushing your hair helps to stimulate the circulation in your scalp feeding the hair follicles. So start brushing your hair at least twice a day. Once in the morning and then again before you go to bed. 
2. Massage your scalp.
Stimulating the hair follicles is very important. Try to massage your scalp 3 times a day. One easy way to get this done is when you are waiting to rinse the conditioner out is to give yourself a good head massage.
3. Supplements.
Taking supplements that have Boitin. Joico Clinicure Nutri-Complex Supplements has it all. It will also help with your skin and nails.
4. Cut back on the heat.
Give your hair a break from the heat. Heat will cause hair breakage if you are not using a heat protectants.
5. Regular trims.
You don't have to get a trim every 6 weeks. How often you should get a trim you might ask. Well when you see split ends it is time to get a trim. You don't want them to get bad because when you do go in for that trim it will be more than you are wanting off.
6. Avoid ponytails.
If you like to wear those tight ponytails you might want to change that. Tight ponytails causes tension on the hair that will result in breakage. Invest in the fabric ties.
7. Deep conditioning treatment.
Give yourself a good conditioning treatment. Conditioning treatments help keep your hair strong, shinier and healthier.

We are in the winter months and you know what that means. Your skin and hair is dry on top of fighting static in your hair. Here are some tips that can help fight the static.

1. Humidifier: This will help to add moisture to the air. Adding moisture helps your dry skin and hair. Plus it will stop you from shocking anything that you touch.

2. Deep Conditioning Treatment: If you don't already use conditioner on a regular basis, you need to start now. Just remember to start at your ends and work your way up. Your scalp doesn't need the conditioner. Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment once a week. My favorite deep conditioner is Joico K-Pak Reconstructor. Here is a tip on the best way to give yourself a great at home treatment. Apply the Reconstructor to wet hair and  place a plastic cap over your hair. Take a damp towel and warm it up in the microwave. Wrap it over the plastic cap, leave on for 15-20min. This will allow the heat to open the cuticles. Rinse with cooler water to lock in the moisture.

3. Using product: There are several products out there that will help keep moisture in your hair. You can use a leave-in conditioner. Adding oil to your hair, you just have to remember a little goes along ways. I recommend to add a drop of it in the palm of your hand. Take your finger tips and get a little on them. When you get ready to put it into your hair make sure you are just using your finger tips that has a little not your palm that has a lot. This way it is easier to control the amount of oil that goes on your hair. One of my favorite products is Kenra Platinum Nutrient Styling Foam. It helps to eliminate static during the day. You can add to damp hair or even dry hair.

3. Cut back on shampooing: This one gets tricky. If you are a teenager and going though lots of oily scalp issues then this one is not for you. When you get older and you don't have the oily scalp then you don't need to shampoo everyday. That's right you can skip a shampoo and help your scalp get back your natural oils. If you feel that you can't do that then try a dry shampoo to get though between washes. My favorite dry shampoo is Joico Instant Refresh.
4. Dryer sheets: Keep a couple of dryer sheets in your purse. This way when you take off your stocking cap you can tame down those fly-a-ways and keep them in control.
5. Hairspray: Before brushing your hair spray hairspray on your hair brush.
There are my favorite 5 tips to help you get though the dry winter months of staticky hair.


Have you every wanted to know what your face shape was and what style would be best for you.  I have listed 7 face shapes and some pointers to help you choose the right look for you.  I hope this will help you decide on the next new look for the new year.

Oval Shape:

Length of your face is only slightly longer then the width. The forehead and jaw are the same width.

Cut: Any shape and style can be worn.

Flattering Look: Long, lower layers that fall below your chin.
Bangs: Symmetrical or wispy bangs.
Avoid: Styles that hang in your Face and eyes.

Triangle or Pear Shape:

Width of your forehead is narrow than your jawline.

Cut: Layered styles will help balance and soften your jawline.

Flattering: Short is generally better than longer.

Bangs: Side swept and not falling directly on the chin or near it.

Avoid: Any style that give more attention to your chin such as a straight solid bob cut.

Square face:

Width of your forehead and jaw are equal.

Cut: Shaggy cut with some length left at the nape to soften the jawline. Off center part and some height at the crown.

Bang: Wispy bangs or side fringe.

Avoid: Straight across bangs, center parts and straight blunt styles.

Heart Shape:

Width of your forehead is wider than your jaw. You have a slightly pointed chin.

Cuts: Any textured chin length styles will suit best.

Bangs: Angled not blunt bangs make your face shorter and wider.

Avoid: Volume on top and sides.

Round Face:

Width of your forehead and jaw are equal rounded.

Choose a style that falls below chin or longer to help elongate your
shape. Soft graduated layers tends to remove bulk from the sides to make
face slimmer.

Flattering: A style that adds height not width.

Bangs: Long, side-swept bangs that graze check and brow bone.


Forehead and jawline are narrow. Your cheek bones are wide and high.

Cut: Styles that add width at the chin such as a bob or shoulder length. Styles that tuck behind your ears to bring out your cheek bones.

Bangs: Straight across bangs or side bangs.

Avoid: Short styles with height without bangs. No hair on the neck area or the chin area. You want to stay away from the middle part.


Length is longer than the width.

Cut: Short to medium lengths styles.

Flattering: Rounded bobs with lots of layers.

Bangs: Straight across bangs with side part.

Avoid: Styles that add heights to crown and middle parts.

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